I have to get this data analysed and I need to get it analysed quickly. The only way to do that is to upload it to a set of high capacity data terminals and run the most efficient human processor over it that I can find. Guess who that is. I’m good. I mean, I know I’m good, because I’m still alive, but when it comes to data analysis and tracking using filthy tricks that no one can easily reproduce without catching CD attention, I’m not the best. Lucky for me I don’t have to be. Where’s that route map. There we go. It’s time to pay a little visit to an ex-friend who’s an ex-specialist. And hopefully is still alive.

You know, Raymores have this soothing effect on me. Whenever I zoom in one Or rather, in my overcharged slightly modified hovering death machine from psychotic hell I have this feeling that everything’s going to be alright. The world is a comfortable blur, the sounds are filtered by the audio buffers, and no one gets hurt unintentionally. Of course, then I get to where I’m supposed to be going and reality kicks in again. I guess it’s sort of like sex, but without having to kill people afterwards so they can’t tell people the address of your safe house.

Home sweet home…

This neighbourhood always reminds me of how great modern society is. No matter how advanced the technology, there will be people like me, and there will be places like this. I can’t even tell how many people are supposed to live here, and I can guess that sort of stuff pretty well. If memory serves correctly, and I filtered the fakes ones, then my good old friend who’s going to wish he never met me in the first place is just a bit up and to the left. I just hope I don’t end up killing him over something silly like hijacking his systems and dumping more than just sensitive data that might attract the attention of every major security force currently operational.

Cloaking EM coacking set on operational spectrum 420-1300nm Weapons check Both heimers locked and loaded, modified SPG rounds for classified CD3 switch gun loaded, classified CD3 mircotubule gun fully loaded, classified CD3 resonance knives Nice and shiny Classified CD3 modal enhancer stand-by Clip count 12 heimer slug clips, 2 classified CD3 AP/NF clips, 7 reloads for microtubule gun And… Thirty-four SPG switch round clips for that neat little destroyer cannon switch gun thing. Not that I need any of these of course. It’s just a comfort knowing I can level this city if I need to. Though I honestly hope that after all the trouble I’ve been through, he’s not be dead already.

He’s not dead

And he’s home.
Time to play a little game of dumping the data nodes without peeking. Cloak status. fully operational. Sound dampening. Fully operational. Hair Looking good. Let’s do this.