What ever happened to...

What ever happened to landscaping tools you ask?

Well, Terragen just went 0.8.68, with a mac version (why??) released late july, and it's just as spanktastic as ever.

Bryce on the other hand apparently died a graceful death being owned by Corel since the demise of metacreations. It also became of a pricerange that makes you wonder why they don't make it a 30 day shareware program with a "If you liked this program, please send $79 to the following address" thing.... yeah, $79. Why not just make it the $30 it's currently worth so I'll buy it.

Meanwhile Digital Element's "WorldBuilder" v3.5 is still an amazing $399 for what is called "a realistic (sic) landscape generation and rendering tool", but really it's still worldbuilder. Fun to play with, but something I wouldn't consider the best of the best. I mean, this is worldbuilder's idea of "top of the line landscape rendering"... Good enough for permanent motion, but bad for anything that's close enough to a still to not blur. It does have seemless MAX integration though, which is quite nice.

Your best bet? Go with terragen, and integrate whatever 3d objects you need for it later by using a rendered motion sequence as render background. We all know you're good enough to figure out how to do 3d/2d integration, so forget those dumb highprice packages. Long live planetside.


You didnt mention this one but you've probably heard of it, a program called Vue D'espirit. I tried it out after I stumbled across shiftedreality.com and found it real easy to use for someone who just has a basic understanding of 3d art and animation.

By Doc M |

Ah I remember Vue D'espirit, it came on the cover of a random UK PC Magazine. It was great because it used a four panel layout (top,right,front,perspective), I remember that being the biggest selling point for me over bryce as it was more '3dsmax' looking =P

By Nightmare |

I liked it cause it was so easy to make animations and shape landscapes with a 2d picture

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