and now for something completely different?? really, I have a little linky that?s, childish, immature and lowers the tone of the site to a degree unreachable by mere mortals. check this out!


oh man, they are out of orange :o(

By Silkie |


By Nightmare |

Is it sad to want to a purple pair for my Indigo2? ;)

By Spooky |


BTW: Am I the only person who goes on this site and isn't part of your gang? I think so :P Wonder how I found it?

By R3m0t |

Hey R3m0t,

No we get about 300-400 hits a day... but you're the only one stupid/bothered enough to leave comments... and for that we salute you ;)

Just one thing... Gang? Please ;P

By Spooky |

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