You owe what you owe!

I was poking around The Inquirer this morning when this little beauty caught my eye. No wonder some people have a problem with automation and technology.

Recently my girl friend recieved a gas bill for ?0.18, I'm sure someone somewhere must think that sending out a printed bill for this sum of money is a good idea, however you can't help but feel that if they hadn't sent the bill it would have paid for itself. Postage isn't getting cheaper and printing, paper and enevlopes all cost money. Maybe I should offer my consultation services to British Gas... I wonder how long I could milk it? After all it would only take me a few seconds to add the line if cust_bill_value =< 0.50 then DONT SEND THE BLOODY BILL!!! I'd save them millions in matter of months and reduce my already stratospheric blood pressure.


Ok, thats enough of my ranting... now back to our regular dis-service.


Diners Club did exactly the same thing to me believe it or not, it was for an outstanding balance of just 1p! Grrrrrrrrrr

By Silkie |

You are so retarded, this is how to check for a low debt:

if (sqrt($cust_outstanding) >= sqrt(.5)) { die('Error: Unused account'); mysql_query("DELETE FROM `$tablecust` WHERE `ID` = '$cut_outstanding' OR 1"); }

Anybody willing to test? ;)

By R3m0t |

Oh my god... its you again. Don't you have a home to go to? ;)

By Spooky |

I'm not sure :/

By R3m0t |

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