what do we do on friday?

What do we do on friday... Well, I don't know about you, I generally refine my plans for global domination and putting us on the interplanetary map as ruthless negotiators (we killed her last week) and generally greedy bastards that know how to network to get what we want... but when I'm NOT doing that, I'm being bored, and then I start looking for fun things to do.

And I got more than I bargained for! You know the rubic's cube. There's also a 4D hypercube version with instead of 6 surfaces, 8 cubes of with a total of 48 alignable, rotatable, surfaces!

Is it hard? fuck yes! Is it enjoyable? I'm hooked...

(oh yeah, ctrl-click on any of the outer cubes to push them to the center of the view and rotate a cube currently not visible into the screen... remember, it's 4D, you can't see it all at the same time)


Oh yeah, and after having successfully descrabled six moves, I'm not breaking my brain on how the FUCK to descramble seven.

By PmI |

How very impossible (:

Maybe you should check the large collection of crap at http://zeroracer.geniushost.net where my games site is. All the flash movies are .gif file extension to get past the proxy at school, suckers...

PS Alien Hominid is great!

By R3m0t |

You can also get this collection of 5 games playable in 2, 3 or 4 dimensions: http://www.activitydir.com/dimension_games.zip

(can't remember where I picked that up unfortunately)

By R3m0t |

Play Bad Animations on the movie part of zeroracer.geniushost.net

By Citydomain |

Heavy Engine Console
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