Best not make this a habit...

More news already? its not nearly been a month. Anyway..

New website is up and old time reader Orion has left a comment below about a show we covered quite a bit a few years back - Tripping the Rift. We thought it was swallowed up by the SFI Fi channel never to return, what a pleasant surprise!

Tripping the Rift Episode 1


Episode two is available Now : 0

Mutallation Ball

By [XTC]^Orion |

Have we exceeded our posting quota for this year?

By Warchild |

Yup, you're all fired... [XTC]^Orion, when can you start?

By Spooky |

you all hibernating :>

this site used to be buzzing now its mearly collecting dust

By [XTC]^Orion |

Yup, [XTC]^Orion I'm afraid so... however we're about to emerge from our hideyhole with a vengeance and you don't want to be around when that happens. I'm like a bear with a sore head and access to a superheated nailgun when I wake up ;)

By Spooky |

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