Mini just got smaller!

We are pretty impressed with our various Mini-Itx kit around here and well it looks like its only going to get better. The new range of boards coming out known as Nano-Itx are doing the rounds on the usual hardware review sites and EpiaCenter have some cool pictures of some cases.


Looks like our Networked Coffee maker project might happen after all! =]


Ooooh, just think of the MPI cluster you could make with those and some IDE to flash converters ;)

By Spooky |

Maybe they'll add a flash header like they have to mini-itx. I'd like to see them used for robotics. I bet they would be pretty good for a small self navigating vehicle. You could put one in say a model aircraft, getting it's power from the petrol engine, and using some simple instrumentation to navigate. You could create a very cheap spy plane... that I could sell to the Americans... for millions of dollars... Hmmmm, forget I said anything. :)

By Warchild |

Heavy Engine Console
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