Finally a Linux Distro I could seriously use!

After the usual lurkings around the Nekochan forums I found this funky link to possibly the only version of linux I think I could ever use... Lesbian GNU/Linux

19:12:34 <Deep6> but now thanks to porn-get I can look like I am hacking scripts when I am actually getting porn

Sounds like a winner to me!


OK, I'll make this one go off-topic:

"This episode is brought to you by a collection of one's and zero's."

*cough*cough*'_apostrophes *cough*cough*

By R3m0t |

R3m0t, You need a hobby ;)

Since our poor grasp of language is obvious why don't you start your own random website, one that's of course grammatically flawless and then we could turn up and get off topic in your comments section. :P

By Spooky |

Well, for a start, I have nothing to write, and secondly, I would not reply to any comments in time - like what happened just now.

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