Open the Volcano! Release the radioactive ninjas!

While you're waiting for your spangly new doomsday weapon and that batch of fresh bore-worms to arrive from why not pass the time with a little simulation... after all practice makes perfect.

Evil Genius is a tongue-in-cheek take on the spy thrillers of the '60s, offering you the unique opportunity to play the villain as you control a secret island fortress complete with powerful henchmen, loyal minions, ice-cold beauty queens, and a host of hilarious gizmos.

Ok... It's a good start but I've been disappointed before....

You're a malevolent mastermind bent on achieving global domination through the construction of the ultimate doomsday device. Build a secret base, gain notoriety by completing daring missions, repel the forces of justice in real-time combat, and develop evil super-weapons to complete your nefarious master plan.

Ooooh, better than christmas! But have you got anyting invloving deadly traps and spinning blades?


It's just I shame that it's not going to be available until Autumn 2004... oh wait, I've seen what they've done there... how deliciously evil!

Evil Genius


I've been watching the progress of this for a while. The concept for it is awesome. Let's just hope they nail the 'execution'. Muhahahaha... MUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA....

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