CDC turn 20.

Those most influencial of superstar hacker pimps, Cult Of The Dead Cow, have turned 20 years old. The group responsible for such greats as Hactivism, Back Orifice, Camera Shy have been peddling their own brand of freedom of expression since 1984. Twenty years is a long time in anyones book let alone for a hacking group. As self proclaimed inventors of the E-Zine (and who are we to argue) and warriors for all that is right they have had a profound effect on many, yours truely included.

Many is a morning that'll I'll stroll into the office and spend few minutes reliving such classic t-files as Hacking Into Hell, If Six Was Nine and the catchily titled The cDc #200 Higgledy-Piggledy-Big-Fat-Henacious-Mega-Mackadocious You-Can't-Even-Come-Close-So-Jump-Back-K-B00MIDY-B00MIDY-B00.

Recently they've been more concerned with human rights issues and using technology to improve the freedom of information in some of the worlds most oppresive regimes. It's worth visiting their Hacktivismo website to check out how you could help... but it's currently in a transitional state so erm yeah...

I leave you with this rather uninspired link and a big ol' Happy Birthday Mr S,Ratte and fellows.


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