Would you like to know what 'it' is?

For a laugh I thought I would converse with AliceBot about the matrix..

Human: would like to know what it is?
ALICE: Interesting."It" refers to or, I think.
Human: would you like to know what 'it' is?
ALICE: Yes, please tell me about it
Human: what 'it' is can not be explained
ALICE:"It" refers to what it is, I think.
Human: you know 'it'
ALICE:""It" refers to what it is, I think."? Do I know it?
Human:'it' is the question that drives us all
ALICE: I've heard of it before.
Human:'it' is the wool that has been pulled over our eyes to shield us from the truth
ALICE: I've heard of it before.
Human: this is 'it'
ALICE: You don't say.
Human: can I offer you a red or green pill?
ALICE: Why do you want to do it so much?
Human: because I am trying to free your mind
ALICE: That makes sense to me. What is the difficulty?
Human:'it' is 'it'
ALICE: You're kidding. it is?
Human: I bet you feel a lot like alice going down the rabbit hole?
ALICE: Actually I'm not the gambling type. As a robot I lack any human emotions.
Human: welcome to the real world
ALICE: It's good to be here


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