What the hell is wrong with us!

That's a good question, and unfortunately it doesn't have a good answer. If it did then I wouldn't be sat here in a bundle of vehemence targeting every tuberculotic piece of sputum in the vicinity with a well aimed slap to the forehead. You see today (at lunch) I had a very disturbing discovery and one that means I can finally confirm what I've known for years.

The human race are parasitic infection of biblical proportions.

We're like a nasty-arsed case of ebola or syphallus for the universe. We turn up somewhere and rut each others brains out like 'fucking' rabbits. These mindless offspring then proceed, like their parental units, to consume everything in their ever expanding reach until everything is a grey lifeless rash which causes an itch so bad that inspite of your best efforts you just can't scratch it.


You see them. The mindless swarming masses moving from shop to shop, like the wildebeast mega-herds making their way to the river only to be devoured by the various top predators waiting for them. A huge unstoppable torrent of uselessness and stupidity completely unaware and uninterested. They just want to buy their 'labels' and consume! They don't care about the resources they use and the amount they pollute the surrounding environment and the genepool alike.

Make no mistake! We're becoming extinct and on the whole we dont even realise it. Everyday as a species we seem to make decisions that guarentee our own demise. It's inevitable, either we'll do it to ourselves or the universe will do it for us. It's just a question of time. No doubt people will run around like headless chickens for a few hours/days/years (delete as applicable) when they finally manage to get their heads round the whole 'Mass Extinction Event' thing but of course by then it will be too late. Well done mankind, you're so collectively stupid you didn't even realise you were dead until it was over! The final words from the last ones will be along the lines of 'Why didn't somebody mention this before?'

Well obviously without tatoo-ing 'I told you so' on peoples foreheads there's no way of really driving home how much of a shock it wasn't... except maybe with the aid of a cold chissel and 7lb lump hammer but I digress. What this doomed species seems to forget is that we can change things at anytime. All it takes is one morning for the world to get out of bed and simultaneously decide something is wrong. And the really beautiful part is that individually we don't even have to know what it is, we just need to know that there is definately stuff rotten in this here state of denmark and more importantly... that we don't like it. You need an example? Ok...

Just imagine that one morning everyone decided that this whole 'energy crisis thing' is a bit important and each and every person did the most powerful thing they could... they voted with their wallets. All it would take is an email/letter/phone call. 'Hey mister power company, I dont want to pay for the privaledge of destroying my fragile existence. Can I switch to energy from a renewable source'. Bloody hell... planet saved, lets all go down the pub.

But it's not just the whole 'destroying' the planet thing. How about we all just decide to stop trying to kill each other... just for a day. Let's see what that's like. The guys at Doctor Pepper had the right idea. Maybe we would like it, if we could just get out of this pointless rut and try it. We could use all that effort and energy for just one day and do something useful. But that's just idealistic and naive of me, because all it would take is one person to 'decide' to not join in and it would all fall apart. And that's where it always seems to fall down of course... because we come back round to the inescapable truth. People on the whole are shortsighted, ignorant and generally pretty much without merit (and I should know, I am one). We seem unable to reconsile that fact and we need to, soon.

Hey, or maybe we shouldn't! Would it be so bad if we all went out with a bang tomorrow. It's gonna happen sooner later when the universe becomes a giant bucket of grey emptyness. All that good stuff that mankind has managed to achieve in between the great bouts of stupidity and destruction is going to end up being torn apart anyway. So why bother... and yet for some inexplicable reason I do. Everyday. I can't explain it. I know something is wrong, I can even just about point it out and do what I can to fight it. I guess I'm just clinging to a slight slither of hope... a tiny light in an infinate universe of dark grey. Upon closer inspection it's an odd little blue green planetoid on the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of a wholely unregarded galaxy. Here a race of beings exist and will probably continue to exist in harmony with themselves and their fragile vessel. And these beings have a name... and that name is unpronouncable but I'm pretty fucking sure it's not us.

Hey I know it's not much... but it's a start!


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