The reason behind never finding anything useful on google anymore revealed..

Wahh wahh, my life sucks...

OMG!!1 my boss saw me drop a pen today I think he is going to either sack or molest me.

I put my shoe on the wrong foot this morning, what a loser, I should just kill myself now. Please leave comments convincing me not to kill myself, I need the sympathy whup-de-fucking do..

Am I the only one getting a little bit pissed off by the massive increase of 'blogging' sites on the internet? They are like a disease.

Everytime I search for anything useful on google I end up at a bloody blog site from someone bitching that they spent all day not being able to fix a problem and giving up.. so helpful.

ps I know the irony of this post being somewhat misconstrued as a 'blog' style post, so feel free to leave a comment telling me I have things to live for and not to slit my throat ;)


Ahhhh bugger it... how about we all slit our throats? It could be game!

By Spooky |

Nightmare: you have things to live for and should not slit your throat ;)

By Wh|te Russian |

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