Ok 2 updates in one day? lets go!

Hies 2 u!!

Halflife 2 is out today, so expect the irc channel to have even less talking going on tonight. Oh and hey r3m0t, we noticed you were lurking around in the channel last night, drop by more often..

With your support I might make it through the day week.. Year. Leave me support in the comments..

Current Mood : Unhappy, want to go home and play Halflife 2.
Current Depressing music choice : Shiney happy people by R.E.M
Hatred of Boss/Work : Damn boss keeps making me drink coffee and surf for pr0n.


Dude.... seriously.... Next thing you know you'll be wearing eyeliner.

By Spooky |

Well at least we might get some more hits from search engines ;P

By Nightmare |

eyeliner rocks.
You'd be all over me if you'd see me with that... lucky I had none around last weekend. :>

By Wh|te Russian |

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