You can't fix something without breaking something first!

This is where things will probably fall down..

[poll title="New stuff on the int13h site?"]{lies}{never}{fair enough}{coffee}[/poll]

*/me cringes* Please be gentle =X


Ok that went alright, only broke the site about 6 times.. pretty good innings if you ask me ;D

By Nightmare |

Only 6 times? I break the site more often than that by just updating it ;)

By Spooky |

I just LOOK at it and it ... er... well.... DAMMIT GO BREAK YOU $*(!@%&#@!*( SITE!!!!!

By Wh|te Russian |

Heh heh, Pollgasm, heh ;)

By Omen |

Ok two problems so far which should be sorted now..

1) Caching the css file (Poll looks a mess)
2) Antispam - (not antispamming)

Thats it I think.

By Nightmare |

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