It's the obligatory back and better post... with a twist.

As you may (or may not be aware) until recently this site has been pretty much stagnant. Very few updates, very little comments.... basically to all intents and purposes dead. Well guess what people? We're back! You can't keep an old dog down with new tricks and gathering moss or something...

Anyway, since int13h towers was uprooted we haven't really been firing on all cylinders. We moved the webserver onto the spangly SGI Origin 200 but never finished all the back end stuff. Thanks to some free time and some SCSI vault action at last everything is in readyness for our triumphant return, however it almost wasn't! Whilst reconstructing all the RAID volumes it became clear there was a serious hardware error. Disks were dropping from the arrays like little boys trousers round Micheal Jackson. Nine hours of intensive swearing and violence followed by a swift 30 minute troubleshooting session revealed the culprit!

die bitch
The Culprit

One of the SCSI cards in the GigaChannel was dead. It didn't even have the common courtesy to fail outright... oh no, it though it would string us along for a bit. We here at int13h are firm believers in the age old addage 'What goes around, comes around... bitch!'. We also like to think that you our reader(s) deserve a little recompense for your suffering. To this end we offer the poll, the death vote. You tell us how we destroy that which nearly ended all we have strived to achieve. Obviously we will post the results of the 'punishment' for your viewing pleasure.

[poll title="How should the card meet it's maker?"]{Fire}{Impact}{Air Time}{Voltage}{Compression}{Acid}{Sheering Forces}[/poll]

Enjoy! And remember it's fate is literally in your grubby little hands.


Did somebody travel forward in time for these posts? I mean it's the 17th right? Oh well it's something I guess...Oh yeah and fire...always with the fire.

By Identikit |

Yes, sent from the future to deliver pointless drivel about nothing!

erm.. *fixed*

By Nightmare |

vote acid!!!!

By Omen |

you will vote acid, for PmI demands to see this card dissolving in a large glass container. now vote acid you slags.

By PmI |

Heavy Engine Console
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