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An interesting review of Halflife 2, unique in the way that it is about the downfalls of Halflife 2 and not that its "the bestest game ever!". I happened to enjoy the game quite a lot but it did leave a sour taste after I finished it. The following review good read and although very negative its actually pretty correct for most part.

Most negative Half-Life 2 review


Reading that actually made me look through some of the blurb on the back of my HL2 box, and he does have a very good point about 'your presence affects everything around you'. I personally enjoyed HL2 but i didnt think it was anything near being special, i found it too have the same repetitive gameplay that i found in doom 3, the only difference there being that D3 actually scared the shit out of me :)

By Omen |

When I started playing I thought the soldier guys were menacing, but it turns out, once you get a gun they become cannon fodder. Quite disapponting. Although it's quite funny when you're in the cage with 3 of them near the beginning, to throw a can at one of them and they all start tazering you. :D

By Warchild |

I just bought the thing yesterday. I really like the ragdoll physics where the guys just slump over when you place some lead slug though their cranium. :)

By Coolvibe |

I agree with omen, i actually think (eventhough that it wasnt all i had expected) that doom3 was more inovative than hl2. Sure hl2 looks better but what did it add except gfx? Atleast doom3 brought the aspect of fear into a game, which is quite a nice step into the right direction of realistic games.

By Technics |

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