Topic: Overflow error in DeLonghi Caffe Nabucco
Category: Core
Module: Filter
Announced: 04-12-01
Credits: Spooky - Nightmare
Affects: All DeLonghi Caffe Nabucco Coffee Machines.
Corrected: 2004-12-01 15:51:13 UTC
int13h only: NO

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0. Revision History

v1.0 2004-12-01 Initial release.

I. Background

The DeLonghi Caffe Nabucco is a tool for creating sweet sweet coffee for those in int13h towers. Without it Voodoo, Nightmare and Spooky have to resort to Vending Machine Coffee.

II. Problem Description

An filter overflow condition in the processing of coffee can result in an H20 buffer overflow... usually all over the fridge and dangerously close to live power distribution.

III. Impact

1) A malicious attempt at depriving int13h of its caffine goodness. This has many repercutions too frightful to contemplate but suffice to say the minimum safe distance during this situation is rumoured to be in excess of 3.7 miles.

2) Electrical short. Explosions. All the things we love, but it's still a bad thing (tm).

IV. Workaround

There is no known workaround for the affected system, although the Melitta Aromapor has Micro Perforations and could be used in place of standard filters(1).

V. Solution

Perform one of the following:

1) Use Pre ground vaccum packed coffee thereby having a more robust grain to filter.

2) Ensure beans are not ground to excessively regardless of how much fun the grinder actually is. - Security Advisory
Be Prepared!


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