R.I.P. to a legend =/

So there I was, casually checking up on some IRC channels to see if anyone accidentally insulted my mother warranting a small scale city leveling (I have too many doomsday devices sitting here unused...) when I ran across the following...

Dimebag Darrell, founder of Pantera, shot dead

I know this isn't the most regular post, but this is just wrong =(


oh so wrong........ :( There are some twats out there!!

By Silkie |

That sucks so bad... ='{

By Nightmare |

The guy was an absolute legend! Death was too good for the twat that shot him :( I'm off to listen to some classic Pantera and enjoy! At least some idiot can't take that away.

By Spooky |

A guitaric deity has been slain. And yes, it sucks :(

By Coolvibe |

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