the uber silk hath spoken......

.plan lovin' on your left ladies and gents.

hmmmm - here's a thought, some pollage!

[poll title="is the silkaroonie a miserable twat or does he have a point that after a certain point in life there isn't much to look forward too"]{yep...... TWATAGE ALMIGHTY!}{nope..... life sucks after 27}{whatever!}[/poll]


If you believe you've hit a midlife crisis at 27, let me know where your funeral will be so I can interrupt my not-even-half-way-in-life party in hawaii or something to attend and pour a bottle of single malt over your stone...

By PmI |

Yup, it sucks... and the good news is that it's been sucking forever and you've only just noticed. Don't worry though, because no one really seems to care after about 30 or so. By my reckoning you've only got 2 and a bit years of misery to go. Of course I've always had a niggling feeling there's something fundamentally wrong with the universe :P

By Spooky` |

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