Lets take a break from waiting for Spoo's Pc to get moist...

We like games around here, especially ones where we can sit around for four and a half hours farming land as an excuse for getting rather drunk. One of the int13h-fest favourites is definately Age of Empires 2, its not the newest of games but its quite likely the pinnacle of RTS games and well we love it. So you can imagine our joy when Ensemble released some piccies of Age of Empires III. GIMMIE!


Yummay! Though I hope you can still hackplay as gaya.

By PmI |

Farming, lumberjacking and burly women! As long as it has those in glorious 3D then I'm a happy man. We'll supply the corruption, deceit and fragile alliances. Oh and the alcohol.

By Spooky |

I hope it plays as good as it looks

By Kamakazi |

Heavy Engine Console
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