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Welcome to the fake int13h Finger Service V1.1

Name: silkie
Description: The uber silk almighty AKA the "Miserable Cunt"
Project: Complete Todo section....
Last Updated: 20/12/2004


Quick update:

Life..... dudes, it's an odd thing.

I'm definitely caught up in some kind of mid-life episode of some sorts. Not bad for 27. Just starting to realise that its more or less crap from here on in. Had all the burds I'm likely to bed, still a fat bloater, still lazy and have my fair share of life?s "commitments" (Read CRAP). Now I now it's nothing more than the average fella has to deal with in his life but Jesus does it suck!

To combat this I will do the following: -

* Collect as much porn as it humanly possible
(Some would say this not a new thing but the operation starts in earnest from here on in)
* Drive a Ferrari
* Build that scalextric replica of leman in the loft
* Convince her in doors to let me watch her have a "lesbo" session
* Squeeze an augmented breast, with a bit of luck a nibble too. Girly permitting
* Consider buying a hotrod


* Complete midlife crisis actions
* Love Tivoli
* Ensure IBMs complete and utter demise! (Start by selling shares and watching Wallstreets reaction to a major investment retraction, predicating complete panic and unprecedented raise in pork belly rations)
* Learn Pearl (Any good books suggestions please email!)
* Read more (And not just technical manuals) - Current Book = Good Omens
* Actually complete something I setout to do

Books read thus far....
Good Omens
The Story of O
The Story of O: Part 2
Long Way Round
White Line Feaver


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