As you may have noticed yesterday the services were down briefly, dont panic it was all under control and all with good reason. We have decided to dump our unreliable SGI server in favour of a nice spankingly new AMD Althon 64 running at 2.36ghz/1.4Vcore with a gig of corsair xms well hard ram and a ATI XT800 graphics card so we can finally use the box for playing more counterstrike xD

And what else could this awesome rig run on but yours and our favourite little penguin Tux.


We are running the latest and greatest release of the Fedora Core and we cant help but stand in awe of what an incredible system this has turned out to be. Further details soon we promice! linux dudes... we are finally there \m/,


Heh. Did you also trade in the SCSI drives for SATA?

By Warchild |

W3 4R3 S0 l33t... lololololololoololololo

By Spooky |

lolz :>

By Wh|te Russian |

The shockwave ad-driven version of the site is on its way too, with an all new photoshop comedy section \o/

By Nightmare |

Tux always comes with strings attached - outages expected every once in a while >:]

By Chervarium |

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