Just stop it, don't you understand what you're doing?

I'm sure you've all seen them... the adverts, the soul wrenching, nerve splitting segments of selling. Yes, the new hideous face of commercial evil that is 'The Ringtone Advert'. Just for the record I'd like to make a few points... and maybe offer a solution.

1) It doesn't matter how many times you show the same fucking advert in a 3 minute slot I'm still not going to pay £3 for a shitty midi-file (see later point).

2) I'll swear to whatever deity you like, the day that I get a 'video ringtone' for my phone I will gladly cover myself in a combination of bacon and sausages and throw myself into a pit of starving hyenas. Ringtones exist for one reason, to alert you to a call... so unless you're staring at your phone all day WHAT'S THE POINT? What? Hearing isn't enough?

3) No matter how many times you 'remix' certain 'video ringtones' with arse-tearingly bad dance music THEY STILL AREN'T FUNNY! Stop it! No more flogging, that horse has nothing more to give. Let it decay in peace.

4) This one's simple so I'll write it in block capitals so even the burberry-brigade can get it through their thick skulls. YOU'RE PAYING £3 FOR A MIDI FILE! RETARDS! Do you have any idea on the profits that these 'ringtone' companies must be making?

Ok, so now here's the promised solution to this pandemic filth.


If no one is buying it then they can't advertise it. Buying that much Ad space must cost a fortune... you're paying for your own hell! What's worse is that you're dragging me with you. So please, in the name of all that is sane and good... stop it!


But you've gotta love that crazy frog. ;P

By Warchild |

Ahhh ding ding da ding, bcchhh ba barbara
boooo bararara drriiing driiingg da da da do wheeeeyyyyyaaaa.
(just picture the frog)

By Omen |

On a more serious note, i agree!! stop buying there shit... buy my shit instead =)

By Omen |

For fuck sake Omen, we don't need life insurance! :oP

By Silkie |

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