Does the rule work?

Games to movies, the general thought is that there is a balance, if the game is good the film will suck. If the game sucks then the film stands a chance of not sucking so bad.

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Here is a quick list of what we have come up with so far :

Mario Brothers (Great) - Movie (shit)
House of the Dead (Great) - Movie (shit)
Resident Evil (Great first game but overall series was average) - Movie (Average)
Alone in the Dark (great) - Movie (shit)
Street fighter (Great) - Movie (Shiter than shit)
Mortal Kombat (average at best) - Movie (1st move pretty awesome but cheesy)
Double Dragon (Decent) - Movie (ugh)

Remember, this for games TO movies, not movies to games. Bung your comments below.


Like all rules there are exceptions.

WingCommander for instance. Awesome game, quality movie... although I believe this may have something to do with the producer of the game ACTUALLY producing the film ;P

GoldenEye was an awesome bond film and probably the last 'great' one ever to be made. The N64 game GoldenEye I'm told (and have no reason to disbelieve) was 'The Ownies'.

Lets not get me started on older game/movie conversions... well not just yet ;)

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Well Goldeneye came out on film first I believe. I think movie tie-in games are a different ball park. If you haven't heard of Uwe Boll, he's a German director who likes to make movies out of games. He directed Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead. These movies are in the worst 100 on IMDB. He's planning on doing more including Bloodrayne (in post-production), Far Cry and even Dungeon Seige!!?

Check out for an insight into his madness.

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