Maximising profit

A leaked memo arrived in my inbox this morning...

We cant help but notice that there has been a swift rise in the usage of chairs in the country over the last few hundred years, as such we feel that they have become so common place that any company can now make chairs for the public.

As a result we are bringing in new laws that will impose a tax on these wonderful creations in a bid to hopefully reclaim the profit we feel we deserve. The taxing model itself is quite flexable and should cover all aspects of what we consider to be chairs.

An additional cost of $5.27 per leg
An additional cost of $6.11 per arm
An additional cost of $8.65 per wheel
An additional cost of $9.87 per curve

This should satisfy our shareholders quite well. Looks like the MP3 Player tax we are also putting into effect soon should be quite profitable too

What ever next? I hear that tables are also pretty popular these days...


News just in:-

The cushion tax. Governments were appalled by the lack of funds being generated from households so have levied a $11.43 tax on cushions. This is to tap the lucrative 'SOFA' market share.

By Spooky |

TBH they should also tax the pen and pencil as these could allow unauthorised duplication of copyrighted words.

By Warchild |

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