...DAMN! DDAAYYYYYYMMNNN! Just watched the Trailer for Enemy Territory : Quake Wars.... DAMN!

Go here and get it. And look at these High Res screenies Screenie 1 Screenie 2 Screenie 3.

You wont be hearing much from me for a while, I am going into hibernation until this comes out. See you all next year..


The screenshots look awesome. Can't wait to get home to see the vid. I think this could be 'The Next Big Thing'(TM). Not sure if it will be as disappointing as the last 'The Next Big Thing'(TM) games, namely Doom 3 and Half-Life 2.

There are few games I'm actually looking forward to now. Quake 4 looks ok, but very like Doom 3. Stalker seems to have disappeared from the radar completely. Then there's the never gunna happen games like Elite 4 and DNF. Although if Elite 4 came out it would probably destroy my life. Lack of sunlight and without the ability to tear myself from the game long enough to perform basic bodily functions, I would die a slow, painful yet extremely pleasurable death. :/

By Warchild |

We dont need 'the next big thing', ra3 is still alive and kicking ;)

By Omen |

19-05-2005 11:33 :: Omen

^ dudes its 19:40 on my pc clock o_0

By Omen |

PST... doh!

ET:QW does look exceptionally interesting though... could this be my new tribes? :D

By Spooky |

What? you not playing tribes 3? ;))

By Omen |

There is no Tribes 3, thankfully they gave some respect to the series by calling it something else. You know, so people can easily avoid it and stuff.

By Nightmare |

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