Black helicopter new world order conspiracies!

Those of us who have a deeply un-nerving knowledge that everything is not quite 'kosher' with the world need to protect ourselves from the various attacks made by government agencies serving The New World Order. They attempt to undermine our efforts with a combination of psychotronic devices, media manipulation and black helicopters.

Finally I have found someone who has a solution for all of these worries. Those 'acutely paranoid' people at Zapato Productions Intradimensional have not what I would call a website, no it's more of a modern day survival guide. The New World Order is already here... you need to protect your brain waves. Obviously by sharing this link with you I have already opened myself up to even more intensive probing by the Black Ops, rest assured thanks to ZPI's patented MindGuard I'm not going anywh....[ping timeout]


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