A new power is rising...

We dont ask for much here at the int13h towers, maybe just a fresh cup of coffee in the morning not from the crappy coffee machine in reception, but sometimes in life you have to take a stand and send out a strong NO!


TV used to be a nice medium where you could watch shows filled with entertainment. Adverts were never a massive bother and you could easily handle watching them, then the mobile phone 'revolution' happened and suddenly this market grew out of thin air, the ring tone market.

Now the market has grown so big that these companies are making millions from a 20 second ringtone and what is the only way they can think to get more people to buy it? Of course by playing it 3 times every fucking advert break.

And the Anti-P2P companies wonder why people are downloading tv shows off the internet rather than watching them on TV. I think its enough to put people off having the TV on at all.


*twitch* jamster? *twitch* AAAUGH!

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