Random Top Five #24

Top 5 Things that will kill you in MAngband

5. Hidden Trap,

Low level players beware, if you dont have that detect trap spell/staff/rod you are probably going to die a rather crappy death. ***Killed by a Gas Trap

4. HummerHorn,

By itself or even in a pack they wont directly kill you but after breathing confusion on you for 15 minutes you might want to take your own life. ***Commited suicide ("Make it stop!")

3. Time Hound(s),

"Cool, shall we go down the stairs to the next level?" ***Killed died age -24

2. Morgoth, Lord of Darkness

"Ooh whats the Grey P running across the man... OH SHIT!" ***Killed by everything

1. Dungeon Master,

Rule of the game, never and I mean NEVER piss off the server admin. ***Died of starvation in a 1x1 permarock room

This weeks charts are by Nightmare


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