Not news, not interesting

I hope to take a more active part with posting this Year and even possible write a YDKS or a Guide.

- Voodoo (14/01/2003 20:52:00)

Sorry, just gave me a giggle =P

In the mean time, enjoy another int13h security advisory - int13h-SA-004


A minus is not allowed in module names. u-bend() should be changed to u_bend().

By Wh|te Russian |

Feel free to not be so analy_retentive().

By Spooky |

Glad to see you took my advice while considering how to write your comments. And yes... I know you love me.

By Wh|te Russian |

comprimised should be spelt compromised
implimentations should be spelt implementations

Man you guys suck =P

By Omen |

Btw thx ;)

Nice read :D

By Omen |

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