Random Top 5 #25

Top 5 Things that will make you ill

5. Needing a crap and holding it in for no less than 17 days. I haven't actually tried this but my mind boggles at the many ways in which this will make you unwell.

4. Consuming furniture polish. A combination of noxtious chemicals, potent propellant and generally 'hazardous substances' ensure that this should remain purely for external use.

3. Force feeding youself eel custard whilst attempting the worlds highest trampoline bounce record. Vomit is assured the only unknown factor is how far little projectile lumps of eel and custard skin will travel and exactly how you would clean it up.

2. Switching your diet to a 'soon to be patented' excretia weightloss plan. You may only consume what you eject from your person... good luck with that one ;)

1. Chewing spent fission reactor cooling rods. Once you get past the somewhat tangy aftertaste it's all about the open weeping soars, vomiting of internal organs and rather unsightly black festering growths. You dont get much iller than this... without being dead of course.

This weeks charts are by spooky


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