Top Ten Things That Suck #15

TOP TEN THINGS THAT SUCK (...about Quake 4)
10. It doesn't have Bullet time - what modern game would come without bullet time?

9. It doesn't have Black Hawks - pfft another really bad oversight by the developers.

8. It doesn't have any mods yet - What were they thinking? just because the game isn't out for another 4 days doesn't mean we shouldn't already have the latest mods working perfectly on release day.

7. It doesn't have 20+ hours of game play in single player - I don't know about anyone else but isn't that why you buy ID software games?

6. You don't run faster when you have your knife out - weapons don't weight anything when you aren't carrying them in your hands.

5. Its based on the Doom 3 engine - who plays with the details turned up anyway?

4. The engine is limited to 60 FPS - none of our trick jumps are going to work now.

3. It's not made by ID Software - Raven have never had anything to do with Quake in the past. What mission packs?

2. It doesn't have an uber realistic physics engine - Why can't Quake be realistic?

1. Its not out until Friday - Yeah ok, not actually being sarcastic with this one...

This weeks top ten things that suck (excluding the film Hackers) are by Nightmare.


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