Resurecting an old classic (still!)


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Name: Nightmare
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Project: Resurecting an old classic (still!)
Last Updated: 22/11/2005 11:21:20 (GMT)

Quick update..

Whoa, it's been FAR too long since the last update. Bring it on!

Xmas fest coming soon! \o/

Last rant I talked about learning C or C++ for my own evil purposes and well, I learned C! had a damn good fiddle with some C++ stuff and my experiance was that its way too convoluted for my simple tasks, I spent more time going back and making sure that classes had the right stuff in them and working out how to share vars with other classes and such that it was just ugly. The great thing about C is that its easy to read through, its pretty simple to see the flow of the code rather than constantly finding where something was set or updated from within some class you called 10 minutes ago.

No doubt many people would contest that statement but I really see no reason for using C++ over C for what I am after so thats great =)

I did have a good twiddle with some toolkits during my C++ investigation, such as GTK and QT, and while QT at least was a great toolkit and had everything you need well documented I found that most of it did stuff for you that it didnt tell you about. You called a function and it did so much that you didnt know about that I actually found it frustrating, the real moment of realisation was when I was showing silkie through my latest workings and I couldnt really explain why something was doing what it was. So would would be the lowest level programming you can do on xwindows...hmm... Xlib... ie.. X11... ie.. Xwindows.

Xlib is old seriously.. it is pretty archaic but there in lies the beauty of it, you have to do the work to get it to do what you want. Its nice to code something that low down the food chain, not only is it bloody fast but its very portable to other X systems. I have a few old Xlib books and since getting those I haven't had to search on google for anything x-wise. They are pretty damn complete.

So what has been the fruit of all this codery? In one word... Chaos!

The original in all its glory. Simple, clever and ... old.

It needed a real update, a modern version with all the trimmings. Full Screen Anti-Alasing, Ansiferretropicalham filtering, High Dynamic Range, realtime shadows, AWP, 4x4, physics based engine stuff... all went out the window at the design stage for Chaos-Eng(ine), started with basics, ascii style graphics so there was no art effort required, uber basic control loop and the most simplest library deps for portability. I present ye...

The next generation of Chaos =]

Ok so it looks like MAngband puked into the chaos world but it actually works at the moment and aside from 1 (rather big feature) its almost complete. Been working on this for a good few months now and it's been a massive learning experiance for me at least, there are probably some suspect coding styles in there at the moment but once I have it feature complete (or 'beta' as it's know in the real world apparently) I will probably recode a lot of it. I quote the Unix Tao "Build THEN optimise" ;)

Future concepts and ideas for Chaos-Eng involve :

* Networking (The main reason for the project)
* Mods (Already working but not-selectable)
* Different front ends (I want to learn OpenGL =P)

Lots to do but its come so far already its actually such a successful project for me so far that I really do feel compelled to finish it =)


Done :

[X] Another Guide! - 'Brainwashing' - 27/06/05
[X] More FSL. - 'Kill Bob Vol 1' - 08/03/05


[_] Do the next round for WWW.
[_] More Guides!
[_] More FSL!

[_] Learn C++
[_] Learn QT
[_] Finish Chaos-Eng 1.0R
[_] Start Chaos-Eng-Net Alpha


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