Who should America invade next?

Havent these people ever played RISK?



Bah thats typical, there webserver seems to be having problems now, why does everything i touch break?

By Omen |

Ahh Risk. I think we should have a game of Risk at the Xmas fest. Drunken grudge match stylee!!

By Warchild |

Grudge matches are more fun with soul calibur 2. Period.

By Coolvibe |

..... So not going to be playing risk at xmas......

By Omen |

In fact we should just try and get to the next town instead ;P

By Omen |

Ohh get to the next town in Dungeon Siege... or.. we could just stab our eyes out with dusty ferrets instead?

By Nightmare |

But dude... we could EASILLY make it, surely not gonna take that long?

By Omen |

The 'next town' is like tomorrow... when you get their it's still another FSCKING DAY AWAY!!!

By Spooky |

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