I hate windows

Well, no, actually. I may - at this point - be the only member of int13h who actually still uses Windows for everything I do rather than using it just for gaming, but this also puts me in the unique position of bitching at everything windows does that I do not like (which is probably not as much as you would want me to bitch at a microsoft product, but I simply do not care enough most of the time).

However, sometimes I do care because I've been pissed off one too many times by the thing. Now, similar to how usually when someone is asking too many information resource questions you tell them to sodomise the french unconscious and justfuckinggoogleit, you can now tell me to become indecent with frogs and visit annoyances.org before continuing my bitching.

how marvelous.


Poor you... now imagine having to admin a network of Windows PC's used by 'Sales' staff. I could write an entire site like that all by myself if I wasn't constantly fixing retarded software that's being badly used by evolution's cast offs.

Is it any wonder that I don't use it personally? An individual can only take so much pain.

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Windows has only one purpose for me. Gaming.

Trying to get "real work" done in windows pretty much borders on futility as much as trying to get laid at a bar populated by hardcore man-hating crew-cut lesbians. Well, from my perspective at least, since I've been using some form of unix-like for the last 12 or 13 years.

Don't get me started on providing support for the neckties that use it. In fact, they don't even really use it. To them a PC is a magic box which can do *everything*. And they get miffed at the poor sysadmin if it doesn't fetch them coffee and iron their laundry.

Not surprising that the whole BOFH saga is so immensly liked by sysadmins.

Pmi, you should read it if you haven't already. Learn the value of the almighty LART. The unrelenting efficiency of the etherkiller. The manager stack overflow. The calming effect of the halon fire suppression system on lusers when the gasmasks are "misplaced" (whoops). The persuasive power of the souped up cattleprod. The tranquility of the tape safe. The security of the bulk eraser. The phone socket labeled as "/dev/null" or "NUL", and last but not least, the circular filing cabinet.

These things will bring sanity to your work, and fear to your lusers. They have to respect thee lest they invoke the wrath of the pissed off sysadmin. The man that can forge proxy logs and have browsers go to graphic gay porn sites that lock the browser in full screen and grab the keyboard and mouse with some crafty activex component no matter what URL you enter.

Take back the power! Take back your network!

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^^ Couldn't have put it any better myself.. well you know aside from mentioning SGI/IRIX in there somewhere =P

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Preach my brother! :D

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Hahaha, I was thinking coolvibe was missing something. Of course it's a lot more fun to play with a cluster of *nix boxes after hours. Just don't get caught by the police when you're walking around the Microsoft and Oracle campuses at 4 in the morning, completely pissed, trying to steal stuff.

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... if I haven't read it? I'm not sure whether to respond to this with swift violence or a pitying look. I am well familiar with the BOFH and have been reading it since 1998ish =)

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Swift violence is okay. Hitting lusers is a great method for letting of steam. Did I say hitting? I of course mean electrocuting... or locking them in the elevator between the 2nd and 3rd floor for a week. Whatever gets you off =)

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