Because 2 are ALWAYS better than 1.

Once again the more astute of you may have noticed a little bit of downtime over the last few days. And of those of the astute amongst you who are really really on the ball, may have put and two and two together (and got 42?) and summised the inevitable truth...



Sometimes an 8 CPU supercomputer isn't enough for your webserving needs, and in those situations there's only one thing to do. Get another one and glue 'em together with interconnects the width of a baby elephant's trunk... who's got a cold, and is quite fat... and has a habit of sniffing up smaller baby elephants... erm...

So, whatcha gonna do? You're gonna go and read all about of course...

A new power is rising...


......and you need to fill those serial ports with dumb terminals! :o)

By Silkie |

Guys I heard SGI are filing for bankruptcy. You need to buy more machines to keep them in business... 8 more Origins should do the trick.

By Identikit |

Hmm, why stop at 8? =D

By Nightmare |

Well another 8 and you've got 10, a nice round number. You could always shoot for 13 though.

In related news, I too went crazy for un-needed servers and bought a quad xeon mp. Why?! Tell me why! Oh god this is not good for my student loan!

By Identikit |

Well 16 boxes are the limit technically... I think the national grid would knock on our doors though =/

Over specced server? planning on running a text-based website too?

By Nightmare |

Text based website? Hell yes! I've got a website with a 100kb template that needs hosting....oh god I wish that wasn't true :(

By Identikit |

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