Run, donkey, run!

It took them a while (we were getting impatient) but it seems the military has finally figured out the true function of robotics: slavery. And good for them, that's what man has wanted from the moment he dreamt up the robomaid! (but not Rosy)

Okay so it's a pack-mule robot called "BigDog" (don't ask why, remember they're the military), but it's still a step in the right direction. I'd like to see this thing in imperial walker size, so I can use it on safari trips in Africa. Which I would then start going on. Because I'd have an imperial walker... called bigdog... errr... well you know what I mean.


"Target the power generators!" - I can't wait

By Spooky |

Do you think we can strap a cooler box to its back and have it follow us around with chilled beer all day?

By Nightmare |

Heavy Engine Console
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