Right then ladies and gents, I'm up for a rant here. What is all the Linux stuff about, working for IBM makes me the kind of guy that would be interested in new technologies and faster/better ways of working with PC's. But does Linux really offer this? I'm not so convinced, for example take Linux Documentation Project, a funky little site that compiles and publishes HOWTO's to the Linux Community. A commendable action I'm sure you would all agree, but this morning it has plastered all over the front page that they are now 100% Linux but the site runs like crap!! Not a very good ad for the future of computing.

Now if this doesn't get the comments rolling in nothing will, c'mon bring on your spam!!


If you must use *nix then use a decent variant. *BSD or IRIX... basically an OS that hasn't had its kernal 'optimized' by fourteen year old h4x0r3z and who's distribution doesn't consist mainly of calculators... and don't get me started on gnome!

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Free BSD running Afterstep is COOOOOOL!

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