How big was jesus?

Think about it, how would you calculate how big jesus was? Well... like this.


Ok... so Jesus weighs about 1,300,000,000 kgs (1kg is about 0.001 of a ton). Assuming he's fit and well (he is the son of god so one would hope so) he would have a BMI of 25. Doing the reverse BMI calculation this would make Jesus 180,277 metres tall.

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If Jesus was 180,277 metres tall, he would need proportionally thicker legs and spine etc. to support himself, which would put up the weight considerably beyond 1.3 million tonnes. Also he would suffocate as he would be outside the main atmosphere.

Realistically speaking a 1.3 million tonne Jesus would have to have a body mostly in contact with the ground. A lizard would be a good start, but I doubt 4 legs could propel him. I would imagine a snake like form would be best.

I'm not sure how that would scale up as far as length goes. I believe as the length increases, the mass would be cubed. Apparently a 2 metre Boa Constrictor weighs about 4kg. That would make a 4 metre Boa weigh 32kg I think. So the 1,300,000,000kg Jesus Boa would be about 1375 metres long. For comparison the oil tanker Jahre Viking is apparently 458 metres long and weighs 574,000,000kg.

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Who said he was standing up? He could be pulling a 'buddah'.

By Spooky |

I believe the world's largest single life form is a fungus. Maybe that's what those crackers are made of.

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