The man with the plan. The original superstar rock'n'roll ninja hacker pimp. The Alpha, the Omega and all that stuff in between. All phrases that have been used to describe other more influential and talented people.

"Spooky... oh he's just some fat drunk guy" - Albert Einstein
"Who?" - Barrack Obama
"The best romantic comedy of the year *****" - The Daily Star

Animal Attribute:
Grace of the bear.

'I don't think that's the terminal window I thought it was...'



After spending many years learning rubbish he decided to give up and do nothing for a bit...... He never recovered from this brief lapse and now only does rubbish on special occasions. Occasionally does stuff but you can never tell what, when or why.

Animal Attribute:
Random Pikachu Effect.

'Thank fuck for S.M.A.R.T!'



Crazy ideas, coffee and that loud guitar feedback noise you can often hear at nights anywhere in the Hampshire area. Spends most of his time coding half baked projects, infact you are looking at one of them now!

Animal Attribute:
The power of a thousand monkies with a thousand typewriters.

'What's the point in having error handling code if it never gets used?'



Consider yourself in a field with lovely flowers and the wind gently blowing, the birds are singing and everything is peaceful. Then imagine waking up to reality. Somewhere between the field and reality, it is quite likely PmI dropped by and put something in your coffee. If that didn't make sense, you've obviously never met PmI before.

Animal Attribute:
Not quite as furry as a Siberian tiger, but getting there slowly.

'Need a fresh pot!'



Would like to be evil, but has never had an aptitude for it. His desired calling in life would be the subjugation of all mankind, yet has not yet been able to subjugate even one person. A disappointing start to a career in world domination.

Animal Attribute:
There is nothing in nature as fat. A thousand walruses mushed into one tall, skinny bloke.

'What's for dessert?'



All you need to know is this man is fuelled by easy women, fast bikes, drink and metal! To coin a phrase "live life loud", fuck what a cop out! Best get used to it! This heathen is here to guide the int13h readers into a new age of debauchery and disgust..... and before spooky gets a chance, he still owns an Athlon!

Animal Attribute:
Silkier than a silk worms silky bits.

'Organised by actress, year and leagality'

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