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Freedom. It's what's for dinner.

Ever thought about what freedom means? Let's mix it up a little.

Abortion vs. The Death Penalty

Raise these two topics and you're assured a good time.

Fallaceous Division... not as sexy as it sounds

Educating you on the Division Fallacy

Time traveling to see the past

Science is cruel and unyielding.

Are you getting the most out of your air?

You suck....

Universal minimum speed

Limiting speed not just from above, but from below

The self-fulfilling prophecy

You do what you do because we expect you to do it.

Anthropocentrism is a natural but still curious thing

So many things become rubbish if you take out the human...

Do planes fly faster in the dark?

Not to be confused with

The induction problem

We'll never be sure...

Heavy Engine Console
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