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Git outta here

So we make our voyage over to Github which will be really exciting until we lose interest and leave it to rot. We've set up shop at http://github.int13h.com and like all spirited int13h endevours we plan to push some code and half baked projects over there for the world to see. To kick off the glorious event we have a half baked demo of Doom running in WebGL!

WebGL Doom!

Is your graphics card too quiet when you browse websites?

WebGL is (hopefully) the future of graphics on the interwebs, there is already some really good support out there in browsers that aren't descendants of good ole' Internet Explorer 6 but just how well is it supported? That's a very valid question that Florian Boesch over at codeflow.org wants to help find the answer for, he has set up a stats website for finding out just how widespread the feature set is implemented.

There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to running accelerated 3D graphics on websites, operating systems / browser versions / drivers and hardware capabilities. By gathering this basic information it will be possible to gauge which features such as an average of Texture Units available and extensions like Floating Point Textures. While not exciting to most people these small nuggets of information help WebGL developers know how far they can push their application.

Look out for lens flares and blood screen on your favorite webpages soon!

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